Who we are

Heritage Overseas has been in the rugs and carpet business since 2002 and are fully aware of the challenges faced in the Handmade rug market. We try to stay abreast with constant innovations which are a blend of creative imagination and skills garnered over generations. Our skilled artisans / weavers, innovative design team, competent production team and robust manufacturing set up is what makes Heritage Overseas.

A study of trends in collaboration with international designers gives us an intuitive understanding of the needs of different markets. This give us an edge in providing our customers with products that are not just trend setters but competitive as well.

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Our History

Our Beginning

Our Present


Our company was founded

Heritage Overseas was established and started its manufacturing unit on Barsat Road.


First contract

First direct export order to Bon Motif - USA.


Overseas Exhibition

Our first overseas exhibition was in Domotex, Hannover and we have been exhibiting there since.


First Social Audit

Achieved first social audit by CSCC.


ISO Certification

Achieved ISO 9001 Certification 


Solar Plant

Added solar roof top plant to generate 50KW electricity and increased it to 100KW in 2019.

Why Us?

'Ease of Working' - the bedrock behind the company is our Company Policy. We strive hard so you don't face the below situations with us.
Sustaining the Art of Weaving

Creating rugs from raw yarns is an art and the skill has been practised and passed on from one generation to the next. It is these very skilled craftsman who have made our upward journey possible and led us to where we are today. We at Heritage, value our human assets with the respect and dignity they deserve. It is just amazing how a single handmade rug involves so many people at its different stages of creation. It provides a dignified livelihood to people who are driven by their creative spark and passion to create unique pieces combining modern ideas with age old techniques.

Recycle & Upcycle

Another step towards Environment Conservation is Recycling. Plastic bottles that had become a menace and an environmental hazard are now recycled to make PET yarn which are used to make rugs that can be used indoor/outdoors. Rugs that are not only aesthetically beautiful but owning one makes one lower the guilt and makes us happy that we have in some way contributed in cleaning our environment.

We have added another variant to our Eco-Friendly Range-the Upcycled Creation. Our Upcycled Creation is developed in response to over consumption, with so many goods being thrown into dustbins, tips and waste disposal sites despite still having plenty of life left in them. We creatively reuse fabric waste such as discarded denims, mill fabric cutting waste, hosiery waste to remodel these to make rugs that are not only beautiful but also an answer to our environment concern otherwise discarded materials to make rugs that are not only beautiful but also fulfilling to our environmental concerns. These rugs celebrate the very essence behind their creation – striking the perfect balance between usefulness and beauty.

Our Certifications

Heritage Overseas understands the need to be in sync with the environment it operates and the concerns of their clients. We have all the necessary certifications for social compliance, environmental compliance, quality compliance & security compliance.

Initiators & Founders

Latest news

Domotex 2022

Heritage Overseas invites you to visit our stand at DOMOTEX 2022, Hannover, Germany