Most frequent questions and answers
You can follow 3 simple steps to pace an order with us:
1 – Email us to request for our catalogue
2 – Select the designs you like from our range and ask us questions like price, lead time to produce the order, minimum order quantity (MOQ) required for each style.
3 – Place your order by sending us a purchase order via email
Get your order on time and do the macarena to celebrate!

Yes, we can send samples in any design of each of our collections for quality reference for you to make a better decision on your purchase. Just ask

Each rug quality has a different minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. Pls ask us once you have finalised your selections.

We accept orders with the following payment options:


– 100% against Bill of Lading (BL)
– 30 days Letter of credit (LC)

All orders are shipped from our factory in Panipat, India. We usually ship all our orders by sea but in case of expedited orders, you can also get your order aired at your cost. Rugs larger than 8′ x 10′ (oversized) usually ship via special services. If you prefer your own carrier, please submit your information with your order.